This site houses the work by the participants in a Sly Arts - Making Movies workshop at Fullhurst C C Summer School. This is what the workshop entailed in their own words...

'We have visited Warwick castle and spent two days making a video and soundtracks on parts of the history of Warwick castle e.g Richard Neville the kingmaker, John Dudley & the assassination of Sir Fulke Greville.'

We wrote dialogue for our characters and recorded a radio show.
'Over the two days we have been working with 'Sly Community Arts' - we have been using digital technology such as Digital cameras, digital sound affects and video cameras. To get us used to being in front of the video camera, we did Hot Seating. We recorded our character's dialogue before the sound effects were added with special software. We brought it all together by producing this web page. We have all enjoyed the exciting, unique experience.'
We got into character
We acted to camera
We made costumes
We super-imposed ourselves in the castle