Welcome to English Martyrs R.C. School Web Radio Show!

There are 3 stations available, all broadcasting radio interviews on the topic of World War II, which are researched and presented by Students from English Martyrs R.C. School in Leicester.

Simply select the group of your choice by clicking on the buttons to the left.

Put together a radio broadcast style recording for production to CD and the Web.
Devised interview questions about World War II.
Created a fully edited programme of these recorded interviews, including jingles and soundscapes.
Built their own 'Web radio' pages to house their work on the net, Using digital equipment to add images of historical artifacts they had brought in.

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To encourage students to see history as part of their own heritage.
Familiarise students with different media styles, sound recording technology etc.
To put history into a modern context.
Encourage students to look at the cultures of historical societies.



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To the pupils and staff at English Martyrs R.C School, and to the members of the War At Work group for design inspiration

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