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Production Team: Jon Knight, Steve Nutter, Gayle Phillimore.

Web Production Team: Mandy Johnson, Gayle Phillimore, Sean Carroll.

Special Thanks To: Peter Baker, David Wheway - Arts In Education. Gill Johnson, Hugh James, Sue Stewart -East Midlands Arts. Nicola Ward - Leicester Mercury. Liz Dunn - Soar Valley Music Centre. Simon Stokes, Kate Fenning, Helen Stewart, Mark Gwynne Jones, Sally Hossack, Mandy Johnson, SRT Poke.








POEMILLENNIUM In Literally a once in several lifetime’s opportunity. A timeless legacy of original words and music created by young people for a new Millennium. On behalf of the 355 students and staff who made it happen, Sly Community Arts would like to say thankyou to our sponsors - Awards for All and the Leicester Mercury, who made it possible. A fantastic experience, and a moment in time never to be forgotten.