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Asfordby Hill C.P. School


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Our School Trip

Everyone was happy and excited

We’re going on a school trip to the farm

We think we’ll see animals, tractors and farmers

We hope that everyone will stay calm!

Everyone was more happy and excited

It became sunny, so we thanked the Lord

We saw horses, forest and a sprinkler

Then everyone got bored.

We bought some food to feed the animals

We drew portraits of a duck

We saw pigs, goats and water buffalo

The pigs wallowed in the muck.

We got on the coach and we'd a good day

The driver put some music on

Some people had slime and some people wore masks

And we danced to the move your body song.

We felt happy to be home again

But we also felt tired.

We told our parents what we saw

Our gifts were admired


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