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Asfordby Hill C.P. School

Miss Freeman Alexander Cross Bradley Cross Carol Stokes Poppy Brown Jay Lloyd (Merrkin) Tom Wheeler Kelly Durant Naomi Downing Amy Yaxley Laura Sanderson Laurent Robinson Hannah Roffey Kieran Taylor Kate Hayes Jessica White Daniel Appleby Ellis May Nicholls Mark Reed Samuel Gillespie Alice Hammond Kashia Ward Jackie Smith Michael Riley Jake Smith

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Our Cheerful Classroom Poem

Our smiley face charts are filled with smiley faces.

Chitter, chatter, 'What's the matter?'

Colour, colour goes the pencils in our books.

Think, think goes the children on the carpet.

Squeak, squeak goes the mouse on the computer.

Count, count goes the number line on the wall.

Sing, sing the music comes from the hall.

Rattle, rattle goes the money in the garden centre.

Write, write goes our teacher on the board.

'My turn, your turn,' go the children playing games.

Drip, drop goes the watering can.

Up, up and away go the hot air balloons.

Look, look through a book….



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