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Belvoirdale C.P. School

Claire Kendrick Rebecca Elliot Sarah Tobin Lylie Moore Abbie Grant Abigail Tobin Bethany Powell Anna Jo Hurst Jaydee Gill Katie Hicken Jack Tacey Amelia Tacey Gemma Summers Tony Bolstridge Mark Bombroff Chris Place Scott Burford Daniel Wragg James Ball Ayden Harris Jon Jacubecz Stephanie Grant Sarah Elliott


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Itís time for a new generation

Itís time for a new celebration

Forget the past.

The futures coming fast


The Millennium bug was defeated It really was deleted

Computers are our future They are just like a tutor

Itís time for....

The Millennium dome Has a wonderful tone

Thereís a wheel outside it So go on and ride it

Itís time for...

Pollution ruins habitats Bonfires all around

Extinction threatens wildlife People litter the ground

Itís time for...

Turning over a new leaf Time for trust and belief

Go to school, learning is cool Get the skills we need

Itís time for...

Twenty first centuryís here Time to start a new year

Time to party till late at night The futureís looking bright


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