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Fun on the rides - Fun or fright?

Was the bus yellow or white?

Will we have fun or a fright?

The wheels spun round, As we headed north-bound.

People talking, singing and laughing, music played on the bus.

The road was blocked so we came to a stop.

The lady gave out the tickets.

We all had rucksacks and plastic macs,

and went off to have some fun on the rides.

The haunted house is scary and dark,

The ghost walk through the walls

The bats fly around your hair,

The cobwebs brush your face

Making your spine tingle,

We like being scared.

The runaway train, Into a tunnel

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Log flume, pizza and chips.

Whoosh, splash! Black hole goes down,

Big wheel round and round,

Swans gliding without a sound.


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