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The Shadow of a Ghost

The sadness pierces the silence of self-conflict And in my ear, I hear the Devil scream That's when the darkness comes it creeps, and crawls, Like the shadow of the murderer on the victim's wall. But it's not the darkness that you find down the hole of the elevator shaft Nor the kind, lying on the bones of the cemetry's dead. No, it's more like the kind that creeps uninvited through an open window Makes the guard dog bark with untamed fear. The kind that makes the grown man weep this darkness; That cheats the child of innocence makes the strong weak Puts hell on earth, and leaves me somewhere in between Scares me. Makes me sweat through the winter's dawn tightens my chest, as my heart beats outside of its body. You can't see it, hear it, smell it or touch it but you can taste it; As you hear the floorboards in the attic creek Or the presence of invisible evil breathing down your neck While the silence whispers your name. You swallow, it echoes in every chamber of your being. It swells in your stomach, taste the fear. Here comes the shadow of the ghost. The political rest that goes unsaid can't go unseen cos it's published in every edition of life magazine It's posted on every flagpole of every nation. It's on the lips of every dead man hanging from the tree of capital punishment It lingers in the fog of every man that they fry It echoes in the engines of every highway funeral procession It screams from every anthem whistled in school. And for every life that kisses stolen lips, takes the heartbeat from the stillborn born to man's womb. It's the shadow of the ghost. As daylight digs my grave nighttime buries me. My world has been consumed by the living dead. And it's the shadow of a ghost that takes our voice, to howl from the soapbox, words with stains thicker than water To whisper corruption in the ear of government officials It takes our voice, to seduce world leaders And takes our voice for every moan, of every boss screwing his secretary. It takes our voice and makes us Fear ourselves. Fear of freedom, is what cast the shadows on our skin. Take away my fear and you are left with Just me.

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