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Everybody Party by softglass

I’ve waited so long for this evening to come

The music is playing, the parties begun

Met me as a stranger, took you as a friend

In this new year our love will never end

Promises have been made

Will they be kept or will they fade

All I want is to spend this time with you.

The Millennium means so much to me

All I want is for you to see.

A new beginning, a fresh start

I promise I won’t ever break your heart.

Memories are still in my mind I will never leave them behind.

But this new year will bring some more good times

The 90’s are over 2000 is here.

Everybody party coz it’s New Year

Nobody knows what’s in store.

Some good times, some bad And a whole lot more

The Millennium will bring us together

And it will last forever and ever.

Tonight we party, tomorrow’s a new day

We will always remember tonight.

The party is over but the future is here

We’ll have plenty more good times in this New Year

Promise me you’ll always be my friend

And be with me until the end,

Every time that we are together,

We have so much fun I want to be with you forever,

In this Millennium


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