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I don't like writing things down Everything I do is crap

This week's ok I love myself

A smile is the slightest movement But the greatest comfort

Sent to guide me through the passage of life

I've learnt from you I am who I am because of you

The people who care The people who hold you

The people that are true The ones who really share

A friend is someone who knows this

I hate the way you tease me by saying I love you

It's not the easiest part of life It's not the hardest part too

It's something we can't live with Yet we can't live without

You hold me near and say those words

I can't help but fall into your trap

We walk down a road making a journey

We look back and see… As you we get older and I mature

I will be there to love and protect you

As you were for me No one hurts me the way you do

But no one makes me feel the way you do

If we forget where we've been

We'll never get to where we're going I know deep in my heart

I need you You're irreplaceable You're my life

You're an angel in my eyes Friendship is a special thing

It's also something we dislike We all love to hate

But without it our lives would be Quite and incomplete

I don't like writing thing down Everything I do is crap

This week's ok I love myself.


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