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Lutterworth C.C.


Nick Hurst




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Man on the cross

Happy thoughts in my mind Happy thoughts I hope to find

From my daily grind From my evil find

To you wearing swell To you down that well

That is my mind That I don't want to find

I hope you cave now As I stopped along the way

You say my life's a journey I'm going to burn out bright

You were the one that told me to get off

I hope you learn the truth about the man on the cross

You said your way was the way to the life

I told you to find some soul Then tell me to live my life

You said that you were the best

Watch your ego, it will get depressed

The only reminder to speak

'Cos your music so bleak livin' in happy thoughts

Writing in happy thoughts

Then you'll be flying and everyone will be buying.


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