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Redmile C of E Primary School

Mr A Lane Maxwell Clarke Andrew Bond Catherine Ingram Rachel Poyser Stephanie Hill Emma Mold Joshua Yaxley Mitchell Lodge Joshua Norman Rebecca Reisenbuchler Sarah Jayne White Steven Wells Jacob Mills Robin Baker Chantelle Mackley Sam Bond Mollie Connors David Meads Helena Cavell Ben Ryder Catherine Bolton James Mold Lewis Elliott Jack Yaxley Thomas Yaxley Jodie Neville Laura Daley George Poyser


Past Present Future

Past A long long time ago the wind began to blow things started happening girls started nattering! A long long time ago life was pretty slow, the first rivers began to flow a long long time ago. A long long time ago life was pretty slow no tractors, lorries or cars or ideas about going to mars

Present Not so long ago the population began to grow. With suspicion, intentions compressions dimensions. Inventions with different dimensions. Just a while ago not many things were slow, Wars ceased, began and created. We hesitated, deliberated, confiscated, terminated, eliminated and disintegrated. Hesitated (over development) deliberated (over new technology) confiscated (the play ground football) terminated (the school) eliminated (boys) disintegrated (disease) Just a second ago it began to go, not so long ago cars, technology, playstations, virtual reality, communications, e-mail, internet, solar power just a minute..... I can see it, I can do it, I believe it, I can touch it I can feel it, I can identify it, I can hear it, I can describe it, It is....... .

Future. Futuristic! Scientific! Spiritualistic! Terrific! Fantastic! Mathmatic! Linguistic! Artistic! Geographic! Historic! Ashmatic! Realistic!


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