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Jon Knight or Steve Nutter

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Regent College

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Revising On The Bus

Hay Fever : An itch in each eye, red throat, congestion; I daren't even breathe in the question.

Texts : It's a moral fable, Forgiveness. Caricature I think....I'm not sure.

The Exam: My stomachs tight, the door is creaking. I need to go. "What's the difference between ballet and disco?"

Breaking it up : Playing guitar, Tom's new tabs, my new riff. A cup of tea. Accept the drift.

The Result : These scribbles will take me where I am going. The future is a door, these answers are the key. Passing's not enough. "A's and B's people, A's and B's."

Topics : 1832 No more rotten Boroughs. Hitler came to power in 1933. Pollack says girls are liars, therefore I poison my granny. Things that pop into my head: Is that roof safe? When is the next comet due? There's a hole in my pocket. My pen and my mind could fall through.

Summary : Plan your time. Answer the question. Know your lines. "These are hard times in the exam mill. Hard Times."


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