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Sacred Heart RC Primary School

Matthew Harper






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Party Time Y2K!

The fireworks, the glass of Champagne,

The dinner jackets, the whiskey, the party game!

All these things fit together,

To make the party that will last forever!

We count down the seconds, ten, nine, eight,

For a new millennium we wait!

Nearly there, only five more to go!

People go dashing to and fro!

The clock strikes twelve ďHip hip hooray!Ē

But really, all it is, is another day! Wait!

This is different, we should shout our cheers!

For this party will come in another thousand years!

But the new millennium isnít all about parties and fun!

Itís about a new beginning for everyone!

All wars should stop, all poverty cease,

And love and caring should increase!


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