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Jon Knight or Steve Nutter

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Southfields C P

Sarah Rutherford Katie Burton Katie Payne Nicola Miller Steven Harvey Rosie Hind Claire Bland Kelly Pridmore Lucy Cooper Kerri Oboh Kayleigh Farquhar Simon Wallace Chris Dalby Chris Hunt Chris Young Jonathan Munton Paul Rudkin Alex Jordan Sam Bruce Kieran Carvath Jennifer McCall

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Here at Southfields we believe, Friendship is all you need!

1,2,3 HIT IT!

If you wanna make friends you gotta talk, Donít be a billy go for a walk. Donít be scared to make new friends, You may be together till your whole life ends! (Chorus)

Friends, friends F...F...Friends, Friends Friends F...F...Friends.

Leave your anger, leave your hate, Stop right now donít hesitate. Donít be mean, try to be kind, Try not to leave your friends behind! (chorus)

Donít be a bully you might even find, You can have more fun when you are kind. You really need to communicate, if you want to get a mate. (chorus)

Friendship is all you need, Bullying is what we donít wanna see! Remember this and youíll be fine, Donít get angry at bad times! (chorus)

If thereís someone sittin on their own, Go on over so their not alone. Donít be scared to make new friends, They will go with you round bends!


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