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Jon Knight or Steve Nutter

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Thomas Estley Community College


Liam Arnold Katie McColl Sherrie Cobley Hayley Josselyn Katie Frost Andrew Cooper Sam Middlemas Steve Lynch Kimberley Stagg Andy Smith Ashley Jones Andy McGann Hayley Frearson Shannon Martin




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Learn from the past Look towards the future

Don't make the same mistake twice Live your life


Why all the killin Destruction of the land

We're makin a statement Thank God we're forgiven

Chorus/ Verse

( Rap ) Look to the future Forget about the past

There's a party over there So lets get there fast

Put your hands up now put your hands up x2

We had a few buds And met up with pudz

We went down town For the count down

Say 5 Say 4 Say 3,3 2,2 1,1,1,1,1----------------1

Put your hands up now put your hands up x2


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