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Thrussington CE PrimarySchool

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Millennium Collection pt 2

Millennium is fun count down from 10 When it gets to zero The fireworks go bang Thereís lots of colours purple and silver lots of are things are opening We did have a party at our neighbours we played some games when we were there. It lasted till 1 oíclock next day then we went home and fell asleep

5,4,3,2,1 Happy Millennium Itís today Hip, hip hooray All the parties Celebrating With fireworks and songs The Dome, the Wheel Celebrate the millennium Photo albums, festivals All the wine has gone The partyís ended but The millennium continues.

To celebrate the millennium Is to go to the Millennium Dome And go to the London Eye. The London Eye is The biggest wheel in the world You celebrate by having fireworks and having parties to celebrate the millennium Y2K

A millennium is of joy and happiness At 12 oíclock, the fireworks began 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 it is millennium The party is still going I was up till 2 oíclock Itís time for bed

To celebrate the millennium Is to go to the Millennium Dome And go to the London Eye. The London Eye is The biggest wheel in the world You celebrate by having fireworks and having parties to celebrate the millennium Y2K

Fireworks go swizzle, bang. All night people sang. They lit the sky, way up high and everyone was happy. The millennium dome is a sight, parties going on all night. People queuing to see the dome, I really donít want to go home!

Itís the millennium today! Hip, hip, hooray! Village festivals, New Year signs. Letís have a party! With everyone celebrating. Letís go to the dome. Stand outside and light some fireworks and wait until midnight! 2000, Y2K the millennium is here Hip,Hip Hooray!

Millennium is the year of peace Purple and silver are the yearsí colours. The sign on the Green was put up for the year 2000 The festivals and parties are the sign of a good year.

At millennium people Have parties go in To the streets to Celebrate the millennium People watch on TV The countdown To midnight at 12 00 fireworks Go BANG BANG SIZZLE POP BANG!! People cheer in the new millennium At New Year It is 2000 The millennium is here.

Millennium, millennium, Go over the ridge And there is Syston Bridge With the water going underneath it You can go under the bridge if you want to And you can play pooh sticks You have to describe it. Millennium millennium go over the ridge and thereís Syston Bridge You can go over the bridge Water runs under the bridge You can sometimes play pooh sticks It is deep enough. There are some ducks, Some are in the water On may day in the sun The bridge was open for everyone

A millennium is of peace Like being happy and kind. Be nice to each other Do not call each other names So be nice to each other Do not take away friends BANG 12 oíclock Millennium Countdown 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Itís the Millennium.Today itís time for a part Do not forget the barbecue.

Come on party itís a great celebration Donít be afraid, share our jubilation. Itís a really great day. Hip, hip hooray. Letís watch the dome light up. Have fireworks in London. Join with our families and relations. Have a great party with them. Listen to the party poppers blow. Be all happy until itís time to go

In Australia we have little parties We donít have fireworks We had a barbecue It was summer in Australia And some nights we are drunk And we sing songs and eat sausages and burgers

Everybody rushing about Trying to get a present So excited that it is a year of peace. Everybody going to the Millennium Dome People saying that somebody saw a ghost. Festivals here there everywhere. Itís a year of madness.

Millennium millennium. Everyone is having parties, enjoying themselves. Then everyone goes happy to the green. At 12pm, with a lovely breeze people coming from every corner of the village. Fireworks, fireworks springing up with joy, everyone saying happy New Year. Splatters of orange, purple, silver, yellow and red The party begins to die away but everyone keeps thinking about it as the year goes on 2000

The Millennium Dome You can go on the big 2000, 2000, the bell goes 12 oíclock 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0

On the millennium, itís my birthday Countdown at 12 oíclock When you get two fireworks Go pop at 3 oíclock in the morning Everyone goes hooray Because itís my birthday.

A millennium is a celebration Fun, happiness and joy. It is good to go to the fun dome The wheel is so special Party poppers going mad At 12 oíclock to say it is midnight The festival and lots of songs People having so much fun New village signs The London Eye goes very high Very much fun Purple and silver are the colours The space centre is very new.


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