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A History Story

In the beginning there was nothing but gas.

That exploded to make the planets

And the stars and the sun and the moon above,

And the oceans and rocks and forests.

Because it was warm and conditions were right,

Over millions of years it all grew

Into fish, birds, animals, insects and man,

The planet was filled with life anew.

Man thought he was clever and got organised

And created civilisation.

He made roads and wheels and weapons and tools and

Knew nothing about chain reactions.

Too many people wanted too many things

And the whole world started to go mad.

There was war and pollution and greed and crime

And the hatred made everyone sad.

In our misery, we have realised

That we need to be kind and learn to care.

Instead of fighting, let there be peace on earth.

There’s enough in the world if we share.


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