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Sundays in Sinfin.....
...Will never be the same again

Sinfin - Network Music Workshops @ the new Scills Centre, Sinfin 2001.

Guitar Drums Vocals Keyboards Bass Decks Sampling & Sequencing.

Professional CD recording and a Live, video performance.
A great opportunity to work with pro musicians, make a CD and video, and perform a live gig.

Who took part?
Bands, solo artists and DJs from Sinfin and Blagreaves were invited to take part.

When was it?
Feb. 25th - Have a go day. Drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, decks, Acid / Cubase recording.
March 4th - Performing / Composing / Recording.
March 11th - Performing / Composing / Recording.
March 18th - Final rehearsal and gig.

Sound good?
Well 20 young people from Sinfin had the opportunity to....
· Try out all of the instruments above
· Learn to play their favorite song(s)
· Write and record their own song(s)
· Make a studio CD recording
· Make a live CD recording
· Video their live performance, and watch themselves on telly!
· Get themselves heard and seen worldwide at

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