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The Sinfin CD

So here it is! The finished article. Every participant has their own work and or performance on a proper CD compilation! Some in the studio, some on the computer and some live on stage!

The web site that has been created by the participants is also included. Simply pop the CD into a PC CD rom.


1. CD-ROM Web site
2. Richard - "Mentalist in a post office".
3. Shallow Grave - "Finished Symphony".
4. Jack - "Mustang Sally" (Live).
5. Uptown Girls - "...Baby, one more time".
6. Nikkie and Kirsty - "Pump it up tramp".
7. Rob - "Purple Haze".
8. Shane - "Real Slim Shady" -Remix
9. Richard - "Live Jam".
10. Sarah - "...Baby, one more time" (Live).
11. Sarah - "She's the one" (Live).
12. Jack - "Extravaganza"
13. Shallow Grave - "Grave".
14. Shane - "Acid track".
15. Laura and Laura.
16. Shallow Grave - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Live).

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