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"Sinfin Network Music Project"

The gig was a great success. The promotion had paid off and a crowd of 70 People lined up, at the Scills Centre, eager to be entertained. They were not disappointed!

All the performers did a great job, from sweet singing, to full on grungefest (Here we are now, Entertain us), to slick drumming, to the cool re-mixers and not forgetting the Network Project musicians who assisted. A film of the performance should be available to view at the Scills centre, Sinfin. Photo's of the Gig will also be here soon.

The Gig running order:

(Accompanied by the "Network Project Musicians")

Sarah - "...Baby, One More Time" and "She's The One"

Jack - "Extravaganza" Remix

Shallow Grave - "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

(Mat, Ben and John)

Shane - "Real Slim Shady" Remix

Jack - "Mustang Sally"

Uptown Girls - "...Baby, One More Time"

(Laura, Nikkie, Laura and Kirsty)

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