Hi..I'm kirsty I've been coming here 2 the sinfin rock-school-workshop 4 3 weeks now and I have learnt how 2 play the drums,guitar,keyboard and how 2 make music useing the p.c. I thought it was @llright. I've been working along side 3 other people,Nicola,Laura x2, we will performing at the rock school gig on Sunday 18th March 2001 at 2pm: admission 10 pound per person "NOT" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA,

Our 1st mp3 is our version of (BRITNEY SPEARS) hit me baby 1 more time...........which wil b performed at the gig by the (UP TOWN GIRLS)

2ND MP3 has been composed by myself & Nicola useing the program (ACID)

3RD MP3 has been composed by Laura and Laura using the program (Acid)

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